Floutatas Recipe

I love Mexican food, especially when it is healthy, and this is one of my favorite recipes. You've heard of tostatas? Well, this is a healthier version I call floutatas! They are not spicy, although each person can add an amount of taco sauce or salsa to suit their personal taste. They are great for kids. Mine love them!

Ingredients (amounts will vary depending on how many you are serving):

Whole wheat flour tortillas
Fat-free refried beans (homemade is best, but canned is easier)
Bell peppers
Lettuce, shredded
Tomato, diced
Low-fat cheddar cheese, grated
Taco sauce or salsa
Low-fat sour cream, thinned slightly with a little milk, optional

Slice peppers and onion into thin strips and sautee until desired tenderness. Heat refried beans in a covered bowl in the microwave, add a small amount of water to canned beans to make it spreadable. Put oven rack at second to highest position in oven and lay tortillas in a single layer on rack, about 5 or 6 depending on size of tortillas. Turn broiler on low and cook until browned on top. Flip tortillas over and brown the other side. This makes the tortillas nice and crispy without adding fat and pan frying.

Put everything out buffet style and have everyone build their own floutatas, if you want. Here's how to build the perfect one:
Take a tortilla and spread on a nice layer of refried beans. Top with sauteed peppers and onions, then lettuce cheese, and tomato. Pour on the desired amount of taco sauce or salsa, and thinned sour cream. Be careful not to pile it too high, or you'll make a mess of yourself trying to eat it!

Now, just pick it up and eat it like you would a pizza. Don't forget the napkins! Enjoy!


Cynthia S. said...

Sounds yummy and easy too! I will probably add black olives to mine just because I like them so much.

Unknown said...

This is something that I'm sure my hubby will really enjoy and it will be fun for everyone to assemble their own.