Sugar Substitutes

Why, oh why, can't Splenda or Stevia taste just as good as sugar?!?!  I indulge in sugar on occasion, but if I could find a natural substitute that tasted exactly like the real thing, I would be so happy!  I have found some things that you can hardly taste the difference when it is sweetened with Splenda instead of sugar, but not very many. Those that I have found, I will share with you, and if anyone has come across something in their own quest to a healthier lifestyle, please comment below.

I have found a recipe for cheesecake made with reduced fat cream cheese and sweetened with Splenda tastes ALMOST as good as the real thing. There's even canned cherry pie filling sweetened with Splenda to top it with that tastes good.  I have also found that sodas sweetened with Splenda are so much better tasting than regular diet drinks with cancer causing Aspartame, and Diet Rite is the one in which the "diet taste" is almost nonexistent. Coffee syrups from Torani sweetened with Splenda are great, especially the Irish Cream and Vanilla. I frequently indulge in a sugar free, fat free latte!  The chocolate sauce from Torani sweetened with Splenda is soooo good!  Mix it with steamed skim milk, and it makes the best hot chocolate, and you can't even tell that it's fat free and sugar free!  Apple crisp is another one that is easily sweetened with Splenda, just use only about half the amount that you would normally use sugar, otherwise the Splenda taste is overwhelming.  Top it with oatmeal and wheat germ and drizzle on a little butter, and it's a much healthier alternative.

That's about all that I can think of right now.  I have tried other recipes, but they were flops.  I keep experimenting, and as I find successes, I will post them here.


Natalia Tyshkevich said...

I found that xiletol tastes just like sugar .you can get it at Trader Joes or Whole foods.

Health Conscious said...

Thanks, Natalia! I will have to try it.