Remedies for a Sick Child

Two different viruses have been circulating through our family this week. It's been a long week, and I'm hoping all of us will be well for the weekend. Our fun started when our oldest threw up on the bedroom floor. She didn't show any other symptoms and seemed fine afterward, so I was thinking maybe it was just something she ate. Later that day our third born threw up all over her car seat. Thankfully we were almost to our destination so I could take the seat out and wash it. I always bring an extra set of clothing for each of my children just in case something like that happens. I figured they had some sort of stomach bug, but both of them seemed fine afterward.

A couple days later my oldest starts having diarrhea, so I figured the bug never did leave. Unfortunately, she ended up throwing up all over the living room floor, too. I'm still trying to get the smell out of the carpet! The same day my husband gets a touch of the stomach bug and a cold at the same time. He took two days off of work and when he did go back to work, he couldn't wait to get home because his stomach was so upset. Our second born got a fever and the cold symptoms, too, but hers only lasted 24 hours. Now our third born is running a pretty high fever and has a stuffy nose and cough.

I have been using Tylenol to manage her fever, but I am leery of cold medicines since studies have shown how harmful they can be to small children. I was overjoyed to find several different homeopathic cold remedies for children! I feel so much better using natural remedies instead of drugs. I always opt for them when available. My husband and I use them for ourselves when sick. I am already using homeopathic teething tablets and colic tablets for my baby, but I did not realize there were so many other children's homeopathic remedies at the drug store.

No parent wants to see their child suffering through a sickness. I am so thankful for natural remedies to help lessen their symptoms.

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