Kids Sneaking Sweets

Recently, a friend said her child keeps sneaking sweets in the late afternoon and therefore spoiling her appetite for dinner. How could a problem like this be avoided? The easiest way would be to not have any sweets in the house, so if the child goes on an eating binge, they have nothing but healthy options to choose from. Is this realistic though? Not really. Sweets are not a bad thing if consumed in moderation, so having sweets on hand is perfectly normal. How about finding a better hiding place for the sweets? Some kids are relentless, though, and will hunt down the sweets no matter where you hide them! In this case, I would suggest buying sweets in smaller quantities that can be consumed for a planned treat without leaving any leftovers. If you need sweets on hand for that occasional craving, then keep them in the form of brownie mixes and cookie mixes that need to be mixed and cooked before eating. Of course, some parents have resorted to putting containers with locks on them in their cupboards and freezers to keep little hands out of the sweets without permission.

Also, if your child is determined to sneak food in the late afternoon, I would consider that he or she may be needing a good mid-afternoon snack. Children have much more energy than we do, and they are constantly on the move. They need a snack in the afternoon! Actually, studies have shown that everyone should eat a healthy afternoon snack to help keep blood sugar regulated. Don't worry about snacks spoiling kids appetites if you choose healthy foods and make sure you serve it at least two hours before dinner.

Of course, the best alternative to unhealthy sweets is healthy fruit! Keep fresh and dried fruits on hand. :)

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