Hand Sanitizer

I carry hand sanitizer with me everywhere I go.  I have a bottle in my diaper bag, and a bottle in the glove box.  This way, if we happen to need to grab a quick bite through the drive thru, we can sanitize our hands before using them to eat with.  Also, kids tend to put their fingers in their mouths often, and I surely don't want the germs on thier hands finding a way into their mouths! In order to stave off sickness, it's important to sanitize hands after playing with the toys at the doctor's office or at the park. 

Twice in one day I had to clean up vomit from a sick child in the car, and I was very thankful to have hand sanitizer until I was able to wash my hands in a sink!  You never know what will happen when you have kids, so hand sanitizer is just another way to be prepared.  Plus, you never know what type of sickness it may prevent.

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